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Why is third party testing important?

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Third party testing is critical to ensure consumers are getting a big quality product that meets all government regulations for purity and consistency.

When reviewing label test results it’s important to make sure that all lab results coincide with product individual product batch numbers. Production dates ensure that tests are up to date. All of Keola products are independently third party tested for potency and purity. Keola carefully monitors and manages all aspects of production from seed to sale.

Further, we test our products 3 times for each individual product batches. First, we test when raw plant material (bio mass) arrives at our facility. Second, we test again after the bulls batches have been made. This is before product is filled packaged in individual containers that are ready for sale. Lastly, we test individual packaged product before it becomes viable to the consumer.

Testing is not required in three phases and costs more, but we believe by taking these extra steps ensures our customers are getting the highest quality, most consistent, most effective CBD products available on the market today. You can click here to take you directly to product test results.